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Sales tool design

A technology-based start-up was creating specialized data services. They needed a way to demonstrate their service capabilities that would clearly demonstrate the value to potential customers as well as venture capital investors.

Analysis + action
The individual data services were translated into clear customer benefits. The most effective method of communicating these benefits was through a product demonstration. Marketing requirements were developed and several mockups were created of the proposed tool.

Working closely with the development and engineering team, an interactive multimedia sales tool was created that visibly displayed the benefits of their services. This PC-based tool was designed to run on two networked laptops so that it could be utilized at any customer location.

The new sales tool was successfully utilized in customer and investor presentations.
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Beta test / pilot program
Design and implementation a large-scale beta test for a new consumer electronics product

Feature addition
Research and testing to determine interest in new feature and price point sensitivity

Business model
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Web-based application redesign
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Consulting services
Product design & development
Segmentation and positioning
Life cycle management
Marketing has been called civilized warfare. To win in the marketplace you must have more than a great product.

You need a total commitment to the product marketing process. You have to believe, you have to create, you have to sacrifice, and you have to win. Great marketing is a crusade.

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