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Beta test / pilot program

A consumer electronics company was making a major investment in a new product. They needed to implement a large-scale beta test to determine a go/no-go decision for the product.

Analysis + action
A beta test was designed incorporating three partner companies dispersed across the national sales region. Over 150 people participated in the test, conducting specific actions and participating in surveys and focus groups.

The beta test identified all significant issues before a successful launch of the new product.
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Feature addition
Research and testing to determine interest in new feature and price point sensitivity

Business model
Create a detailed business model for guiding the launch plans of a new mobile service

Web-based application redesign
Redesign an underperforming web-based application so it can achieve expected goals

Sales tool design
Start-up company needed a sales tool to demonstrate their service capabilities to potential customers

Consulting services
Product design & development
Segmentation and positioning
Life cycle management
Marketing has been called civilized warfare. To win in the marketplace you must have more than a great product.

You need a total commitment to the product marketing process. You have to believe, you have to create, you have to sacrifice, and you have to win. Great marketing is a crusade.

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