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No silver bullets, no magic beans. Hard work, passion, and commitment to the product is the path to marketing success.
- Stuart B. Ward
    Marketing is everything,
and everything is marketing.
- Regis McKenna
product design and development        
Great marketing starts with great products.
And truly differentiated products have a much higher success rate than "me-too" products. Behind that success is the fact that an in-depth understanding of the customer is the first and most important capability a company can have to drive successful product innovation.

Utilizing a process that draws from design expertise in consumer electronics, mobile devices, and personal computing products, your company will gain a superior understanding of your customers, and develop a superior process for thinking about and acting on this information. 
    Product experience
  • · Digital satellite systems
  • · Digital video recorders
  • · Video cameras
  • · Personal computers
  • · Mobile devices
  • · In-store kiosks
  • · Remote controls
  • · Program guides
  • · Website user interfaces
  • · Software user interfaces
Segmentation and positioning        
Segmentation and positioning are the prerequisites for designing a successful marketing strategy.
Achieving the right segmentation and positioning enables your company to solve the traditional marketing mix challenges. The marketing mix - product, price, place, and promotion - is essentially the working out of the tactical details of the segmentation and positioning strategy.

Solid positioning will identify a unique selling proposition for the product. The result is a product that occupies a clear, distinctive, and attractive position relative to competing products in the minds of target customers. The positioning will become the organizing force between the marketing mix elements. 
    Industry knowledge
  • · Consumer electronics
  • · Wireless/mobile devices
  • · Personal computers
Life cycle management        
The marketing environment is always changing - customer needs are not static; market segments change size; competitive offerings evolve; new technology can impact your company's capabilities and costs. Managing the product line is a dynamic process over time.

Identifying important changes in the environment before a competitor does is a reliable path to competitive success. Product life cycles are getting increasingly shorter and firms that have better knowledge of customer needs and can deliver on them faster than others will have a clear competitive advantage. By effectively managing products through each stage of the product life cycle your firm will ensure that the enormous investment made to develop products is converted into a profitable market success. 
    Brand experience
  • · GE
  • · RCA
  • · ProScan
  • · ReplayTV
  • · Compaq
  • · Shell
  • · Dow
  • · HP
    Success stories
Beta test / pilot program
Design and implementation a large-scale beta test for a new consumer electronics product

Feature addition
Research and testing to determine interest in new feature and price point sensitivity

Business model
Create a detailed business model for guiding the launch plans of a new mobile service


Marketing has been called civilized warfare. To win in the marketplace you must have more than a great product.

You need a total commitment to the product marketing process. You have to believe, you have to create, you have to sacrifice, and you have to win. Great marketing is a crusade.

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